Inclusion & exclusion criteria

Agencies may be absent from the directory due to the policies listed here. Brain Injury Canada (BIC) reserves the right to prioritize and limit inclusion. Factors such as staffing, funding and agency participation affect the extent to which all eligible agencies can be included. Inclusion does not imply endorsement of a company, rehabilitative method or product, and omission does not indicate disapproval.

Inclusion Policies:

  1. Agencies, organizations and programs that provide services, supports and programs to people with acquired brain injury in Canada; and
  2. Are located in or have service locations in Canada; and
  3. Can show evidence of that active service site including contact information, completion of request for inclusion forms, response to requests for updated information, etc.; and
  4. Do not violate any of the exclusion criteria listed below

The following resources MAY be included at the discretion of BIC, based on database prioritization, staffing, and resources.

  1. Organizations located outside of Canada that offer a unique service or frequently requested information
  2. Organizations outside of Canada that act as a centralized referring resource for services

Exclusion Policies

Agencies, organizations, programs, community groups will be excluded under the following conditions

  1. Agencies/organizations/programs and community groups (hereafter referred to as “organizations”) that deny service on the basis of discrimination due to age, color, race, religion, gender, language, disability, sexual orientation, ancestry, nationality, or on any other basis not permitted by law
  2. Organizations that violate local, provincial, or federal laws or regulations
  3. Organizations that misrepresent their services in any way
  4. Organizations that are not licensed, where licensing standards exist
  5. BIC will further consider the following as a basis for denying inclusion in its database:
    a. When it has reason to believe that services provided are not in accord with commonly accepted professional practices and standards
    b. On the basis of complaints to BIC, regulatory boards, Better Business Bureau or other agencies by individuals, families, professionals or other people using or attempting to use services provided by a resource
  6. BIC reserves the right to refuse listing an agency or service in its sole discretion.
  7. BIC reserves the right to remove a listing when an agency no longer meets the criteria outlined in these policies.
  8. Agencies are responsible for informing BIC when changes occur, of reviewing and updating information (as needed) upon the request of BIC at periodic intervals, and agencies not providing updated information may be deleted from the database.
  9. Agencies are responsible for submitting annual renewal fees. Failure to pay these fees will result in removal of the listing.
  10. Agencies/organizations/programs excluded from the database may submit a written request to BIC for reconsideration of removal.

All terms of use, inclusion/exclusion policies and warranties herein are subject to change.

Requests for help in locating resources or in navigating the services system should be directed to [email protected]

Resources may request to be included in the online directory by filling out this form.

Other questions about the online resource directory and all other correspondence related to the online directory should be sent to [email protected]