Why isn’t my city listed?

We only include cities where one or more of the organizations/businesses provide services. This does not mean you cannot access some services – it may mean that you have to check for cities near you.

I live in a rural area – how do I figure out what services are available to me?

If you live in a rural area, or an area that has few services, try searching using major cities close to you. Visit the websites of the businesses/organizations that come up to find out more about their service areas.

Are there any listings available in French?

We are currently working on the French translation of the service directory. However, only businesses that provide a listing and services in French will be posted.

How do the filters work?

The filters are designed to help you narrow down your search and find the services/programs you need. For more information, visit our page on how to use the directory.

How can I tell what services are free if a listing offers both paid and free programs?

If a business or organization offers both free and paid services, you will have to reach out to them directly to find out more information.